Virtual Trip

Educational Encounters-Virtual Trip

Action Outdoors Tours offers groups and individuals Educational Encounters with the Sea that are not normally available to the general public.

Fun on “The Duke”

Action Outdoors considers school groups to be our specialty. Bringing many students closer than they will ever be to the creatures and other living things found in the coastal waters. The students have exciting education as the get to touch fish like pin fish, ribbon fish, puffer fish and toungue fish.

Watch “How Does a Shrimp Boat Work”


Students may even get to hold a pipe fish or even a live squid. Students can watch movies at school and educational television programs, but it can not measure to the experience of partaking in a real shrimp trawl and seeing live blue crabs and sting rays up close and personal.

Watch “Want to be a Marine Biologist?”


Bring your class to have a one on one with a live hermit crab, all from the wilds. The guests and students can watch the behaviors of these and other creatures in a shallow touch tank, designed especially for the inquisitive young mind.

Watch “Gulf Oil Spill Effects On Wildlife”

Be sure to use the Educational Resources here to prepare yourself and young guests for the unique experience and education you will receive aboard the Dolphin Watch Nature Tours boats. Learn about the things you will see and have a better understanding of what you find.

┬áTreat Your Students To A Lesson They Won’t Forget